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Tips for Beginner Yoga Students

Updated: May 9, 2023

So you want to start a yoga practice? Or maybe you just started one, and you're starting to wonder if you should quit and try something else. No matter how easy people on Instagram and YouTube make it look, yoga can seem hard and uncomfortable for beginners. That's okay! Here are some tips to help you as you start your yoga journey. Keep at it, and you're bound to love it.

Wear comfortable clothing: You're going to be moving, so you want comfortable, breathable clothes. Dress in layers, so as you warm up you can shed the long sleeves if you need to.

Use a good mat: You don't want to slip during class, so making sure you have a non-slip mat is important. If you need one with a little extra padding, get a thicker mat (or use a blanket - your knees and wrists will thank you). Keep your mat clean too, which will help keep it smelling and looking fresh and maintain the grip.

Modify for your needs: Every body is different, and every body is different each day too. Especially when you're first starting out, you will need to rely upon modifications to make the poses comfortable and accessible. Don't forget about those props!

Avoid making comparisons: It can be so easy to compare ourselves to others in the room or on the Internet. But yoga is all about you and your physical and mental wellness, so try not to compare and judge yourself based on what other people are doing.

Stay hydrated: Make sure you've had plenty of water before class, and bring a water bottle to class in case you need it. Keep drinking throughout the day after class too, to replace any fluids you may have lost.

Respect your body’s limits: You know your body best, so if a certain pose just isn't going to work today, then modify it. Listen to your body and respect what it can do on each day, and move or breathe accordingly.

To schedule a private lesson and begin your yoga journey, contact me.

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