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My Top Yoga Props to Have for At-Home Practice

Updated: May 17, 2022

Many people who have started an at home yoga practice already have a yoga mat. However, there are more props that you can use that will lift your home practice to the next level. Whether you need a little more support or you want to try more challenging poses, yoga props can be a great tool to help you with your yoga goals.


Blocks can help provide support when you need it, like in restorative yoga, and they can help you settle more fully or comfortably into a pose.

Don’t have blocks? Use a stack of thick books (like textbooks).


Common with restorative yoga, bolsters can be used alone or with other props (like blocks and blankets) to make different shapes for supporting your body during poses. You can also use a bolster under your needs in savasana for further relaxation.

Don’t have a bolster? Use a firm pillow or two.


Any blanket you have around the house can be a good support for restorative yoga or for use during savasana. You can fold or roll the blanket into many shapes to use in various ways throughout a practice.


Using a strap in yoga can help with laying or standing poses, particularly when you want to improve flexibility or have tight quads or hamstrings (which is very common!).

Don’t have a strap? Use a belt or dog leash.

Knee Pad

If you have wood, laminate or tile flooring in your house, some sort of padding is a must. The yoga mat just won’t cut it if you are in tabletop for a long time.

Don’t have a knee pad? Use a folded blanket under your knees instead.

Want to chat about yoga props, alternatives to buying a prop, or what you might need for your unique practice? Send me a message or learn about my yoga classes!

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