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5 Yoga Poses for Post-Cancer Care

Today is International Yoga Day. Yoga has many physical, mental, emotional and social benefits, and when you go through something like cancer treatment, finding something that can help you navigate life after cancer is important. Yoga might be able to help you make connections with people in your classes, find more strength and balance after your treatment and relieve pain or neuropathy that is common post-chemo. If you do decide to take up (or resume) yoga during or after cancer, make sure you've talked to your oncologist and understand what you should avoid (this may vary based on your type of cancer or treatment).

Cat-cow pose can help with mobility. You can modify by doing this seated or in a chair as you need or want to.

Child's pose provides a gentle stretch. You can modify by using a pillow or block under your forehead to bring the ground closer to you, or put a blanket or pillow between your thighs and calves to offer more support.

Staff pose can reduce pain, and when you flex and point your feet in this pose, it can help to reduce neuropathy in your feet. You can sit on a blanket to modify.

Easy pose can reduce stress and improve posture. You can sit on a blanket or a chair to modify, and practice meditation or breathing exercises in this pose.

Tree pose can improve balance and coordination. To modify or add extra support, use a wall or keep your toes on the ground.

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